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Unit 2
Portsmouth, NH 03801
 -Remove and replace most components including SMT, Through-Hole and Press Fit connectors.
 -X-Ray and video microscope equipment for inspection and failure analysis.
    -Dage XD6500 X-Ray.
    -Hirox video inspection microscope with BGA lens.
 -Lead-free and tin/lead processing.
Typical tasks include:
 -Remove and replace a BGA with a new part.
 -Remove, re-ball and replace BGAs due to wrong polarity or bad connections.
 -Remove a BGA, modify board circuitry to add, change or delete connections, re-ball and replace the BGA.
 -Recover high value components (BGAs, QFPs, connectors, etc.) from scrap boards and refurbish for use in assembly or rework.
-BGA reballing services.
    -Convert between lead-free and tin/lead.
    -Recover valuable parts for rework or assembly operations.
-Solder masking repair.
    -We have developed a unique process for solder masking repair or modification. The results are seamless with excellent cosmetic appearance that will hold up to reflow and other processing. This can be done on BGAs and bare or populated PCBs.